Start Easy in Watercolor

Feb 15, 2023

Watercolor has a reputation of a difficult and unpredictable technique. But all you need is to start with simple subjects and trust the process!

One great way to start easy with watercolor is by drawing and painting natural subjects from life. This could include flowers, plants or animals that are easily found outside your home or on nature walks. Doing this will help you understand how light interacts with objects and how colors blend together when wetted. You don't need expensive materials for this; all you need is some watercolor paper (preferably cotton), paintbrushes (I recommend using synthetic round brushes with a sharp tip) and a basic set of watercolor paint (in pans or tubes). Once these supplies have been gathered it's time to begin! Start by sketching out the object using pencil then add layers of color one after another until desired effect has been achieved – it may take several attempts before achieving success so don't give up if something doesn’t turn out as expected right away!

Once comfortable working from life try experimenting more freely without reference material – allowing yourself freedom in expression will open up even greater possibilities for creativity within your work! Remember that practice makes perfect so keep trying new things each day - soon enough those paintings will become masterpieces worthy enough to frame & hang on any wall :).

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