I’m Anastasiia,

a nature-inspired artist, book illustrator, surface pattern designer and educator.


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Daily Sketching

June 29th at 7 pm CEST.


Join me for a FREE online masterclass on daily sketching. This habit will make drawing and painting feel fun and doable, ensuring your consistent progress day after day.

Here’s what awaits you in the masterclass:

✏️ Best art supplies for daily sketching

✏️ What and how to sketch if you’re short on time

✏️ How to develop and maintain a consistent sketching habit

✏️ Tips on how to find or enhance your unique style through daily practice 

Finally, I’ll guide you through my step-by-step process of creating a realistic sketch with watercolor! 🎨

This FREE masterclass is suitable for art enthusiasts of all skill levels. To participate, simply register below, but don’t delay, as spots are limited! ⏰ The recording of the masterclass will be provided to all registered participants. I’ll see you at the masterclass!


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I invite you to watch my FREE MASTERCLASS, "3 Steps to Find Your Signature Style and Create Beyond Tutorials". In this webinar, I'll share the EXACT strategies I use to help my students discover their style, bypassing years of trial and error.

You will learn how to:

👏 Break free from tutorial reliance

👏Create with a clear sense of purpose

👏Attract your dream clients

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Looking for an art mentor? I'm here to help!

My classes on Skillshare


If you're seeking step-by-step tutorials on watercolor painting of natural subjects, digitalising your work, and transforming it into patterns, my Skillshare classes are perfect for you. Don't forget to explore my latest class on how to create viral Instagram Reels and grow your social media audience.

My Skillshare community includes over 3,000 students from around the world!


My Signature Course


My signature program designed to guide creatives on a transformative journey of becoming confident artists through video lessons, live sessions, mentorship, and community.

I created this system to help you to:

  • Get confident in drawing & painting
  • Find your unique artist's style
  • Build your creative career

Mini course for Beginners

ONLY 35€

I'm glad to introduce you to such a versatile and beginner-friendly medium as watercolor. Learn how to paint simple natural subjects realistically using watercolor, and how to frame your art & create custom handmade postcards using your paintings.

Over 700 students have already joined the class!


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Testimonials - Make Art with Confidence 

Stenya Le Clair


Valentina Arros Valdivia


Mélissa Fuentes

"I've watched countless tutorials to enhance my drawing and painting skills, but I often felt lost, unable to structure my progress effectively. As a devoted mom, this course breathed new life into my creativity, offering not only relaxation but also the opportunity to flourish as an artist. It awakened a dormant passion within me, fueling my drive to explore and develop my own unique style.
If you find yourself yearning for structure, motivation, and a transformative experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Anastasiia's course."

Nehal Rathod

"There is a term we Indians use called "GURU." GURU means much more than a teacher; it's someone who helps you find yourself rather than just teaching skills, like a teacher does.

I call Anastasiia my ART GURU. And while writing this, I am happily sobbing."

Linda Hoeningsberg

"When I signed up for Anastasiia’s course, all I knew was that I loved her paintings of natural objects like leaves and mushrooms. I had no idea I would be receiving the equivalent of a professional art school education! I learned drawing principles including perspective, shading, observing, painting, and so much more! Anastasiia generously taught us what she learned in her own art education. I cannot recommend her courses enough. They are as excellent as it gets!"