What is a Signature Style ?

Feb 02, 2023


“I don’t have a signature style. How do I find one?” This is one of the most frequent questions I get. But let’s dig into what is a signature style? Do you need to have one? Can you have multiple styles? Here I will break down what is a signature style and how to stop being intimidated by it. Let’s dive in!

What is a signature style? 

Your signature style is a set of distinct aspects that go through your body of work and make your art recognizable even if your name is not on it. 

Why do you need a signature style? 

A strong signature style makes you stand out from the crowd. It helps to create a cohesive body of work that will be easily recognizable. It will help you develop a reputation as a skilled and experienced artist and consequently gain more trust and respect in the eyes of your collectors or clients. This grants you easier access to other business opportunities. 

What if you have multiple styles?

It’s ok to have more than 1 style! Actually, it can play in your favor. Switching between styles can make you more competitive and allow you to be versatile and work on different projects. 

How to find a signature style?

A signature style combines what you want your work to look like and what has been inside you since the beginning. Finding or discovering a signature style is not the most appropriate expression. For me, this process has more similarities with faceting a diamond. Each one already has potential inside. The work, time, and practice you put into perfecting your skills are that “faceting” that will eventually shine the diamond within you. But what steps do you need to take to find your unique style? In my next article, I will share 8 actionable and proven steps that I used to find my personal style quicker and evolve it in time. 

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